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Welcome to Shift Personal Training!

I am Joe Canning, a personal trainer in Plymouth with an extensive background in helping individuals like you achieve and exceed their fitness goals. I specialise in improving your strength, cardiovascular fitness, power, speed and general fitness while decreasing body fat levels. I’ll also tailor your diet and nutrition to your specific goals. I have also studied and practiced in a variety of specialist areas including sports strength and conditioning and pre/post natal fitness. Whatever your goals, I have the skills to make it happen! So, if you live in Plymouth or the surrounding area and want to improve your fitness, look good and have fun into the bargain then read on! Welcome to my website and to a whole new level of fitness!

These are just some of the services I can provide you…

1. Measurable Results

Its not enough for you to just ‘feel like you’ve had a good workout’. You deserve actual quantifiable improvement in your fitness and body shape. I take the guess work out of your training and provide measurable results in all aspects of your physique and fitness. I have helped clients lose many Kg’s of excess weight and body fat and gain muscle mass, strength and fitness. Check out the testimonials page for some examples!

2. Attention to detail

Perfect technique equals safer exercise and far better results. Getting into the gym is not enough. Don’t waste another second of you training. Do it right! Whether its resting for an extra 30 seconds between sets, or not getting a full range of motion when you lift weights it’s all too easy to take short cuts and kid yourself that you are getting the most out of your sessions. Having your own personal trainer with years of experience who is focussed on you getting the very most out of every repetition will ensure you achieve the best results possible in the safest way.

3. More efficient workouts

Relatively short but intense workouts are the most beneficial for the majority of trainees. However most trainees left to their own devices still persist with long, slow cardio workouts that waste your time and achieve minimal lasting results (not to mention being boring)! Train smart and let me increase the intensity of your workouts for real results!

4. Accountability

You book in your session and turn up. I take care of the rest. For many people just getting through the door of the gym amongst a busy work and family schedule is 50% of the battle. As a personal trainer I will keep you accountable and on track to achieving the goals we set at the start of your training. No more excuses. No more reasons not to achieve the body you deserve.

5. Variety

I’ll show you new exercises, new techniques and new approaches to diet and supplementation! If what you are currently doing isn’t working, then change it! Challenge your body to a new level of fitness. Choosing me as your personal trainer will get you there!

6. Individually tailored exercise programmes

Everyone is different and so are their goals. If you want the best results you need a personal trainer who can tailor training to your individual body type and goals. For example, some people have stubborn fat around their stomach whereas others may struggle more with their hips and thighs. There are reasons why you store fat where you do. I will show you how to tailor your diet and exercise to reduce your body fat and increase muscle strength and tone even in your problem areas!

7. Achieve your goals –

Your goals matter to me! I can help you:

8. A variety of services to suit you and your busy lifestyle!

9. Training times and locations to suit you!

I can train you in several gyms in and around Plymouth. Some people have a preference for the gym nearest their house or their place of work and I have the flexibility to accommodate this. I offer Plymouth city centre locations, Ivybridge or further afield. I can also train you at home, in local parks or at your sports club. I understand how busy your life can be and I provide training sessions to suit your current work and family commitments. Check out some of the gyms I train at on the where we train page of this site.

Get involved today and contact me here to become one of the growing number of people around Plymouth who have made the Shift>> to a whole new level of fitness!

Joe Canning B.Sc. (Hons) Personal Trainer Plymouth

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