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Sitting vs Athleticism

In western cultures today many people spend the majority of their time sitting down! This can be in the office, driving your car, on the toilet, watching tv but hopefully not sitting on too many weights machines at the gym. This ‘sitting culture’ can lead to a variety of adaptations in the musculo-skeletal system which are not conducive to optimum athletic performance and physical function. This can include tight hip flexors, weak/underactive glutes, weak lower back musculature and lordodic spine posture.

As I mentioned in my last blog about antagonistic muscle pairs it is quite simple to correct these postural deficits with simple exercise pairs. Kelly Starret posted a video in his blog recently about redressing the balance of our seated culture so have a look at it and ‘get up, stand up and strut your funky stuff’!!

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  1. Great article Joe!

    By Miles · Jun 25, 11:27 pm

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