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Dumbell Hang Power Snatch

Just a quick blog today to introduce readers to our new YouTube account! Check out ShiftPTPlymouth.


Strength Training Exercise Selection- II

‘Sports Specific Training’ and ‘Functional Strength’ are terms that have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The genesis of these terms come from the principle of specificity, which basically states that the body gets better at doing what it practices doing. This specificity related to training can be linked to the neuro-muscular system, hormonal systems and energy systems. It was legendary American Football coach Vince Lombardi who once said ‘Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect’. That is specificity in a nutshell. But how does it apply to the world of strength training.? The principle of specificity is, in itself, sound. However, as with many ideas presented to people they can be miss applied or misinterpreted if they are taken to extremes in the wrong…


On Getting Heavier... and faster!

Often where sports are concerned (especially invasion games such as soccer, rugby, american football, hockey etc…) there are 2 stereotypes that abound…. the smaller, quicker but weaker player and the bigger stronger but slower player. This stereo-type is hugely outdated for several reasons as I will explain below:


Getting Myself 'Rugby Ready'

The first instalment of the ‘Joes Training’ section of my blog will be looking at the strength training programme that I have recently started. The aim of this programme is to lay a foundation for a return to rugby playing in the new season.



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