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The following are testimonials from some of the many clients that have had success training with Joe. They represent a variety of ages both male and female. Each of them began training with different goals, abilities and experience. The one thing that unites them is that they all took that step to seek professional help with achieving their goals. They haven’t regretted it.

‘I’ve played rugby for years but picked up a knee injury which I had operated on in April 2012. While I was rehabilitating I decided I wanted some guidance and to train full on, properly. I had a look at a few personal trainers but Joe stood out. The fact he has learnt from a former All Blacks Strength and Conditioning Coach was a bit of a swinging point. I wanted to strengthen the muscles around my knees and what I got was a complete conditioning workout. It was hard and painful but you only get out what you put in and every week Joe tried to break me. The sessions were varied and kept me on my toes. As well as getting me fitter and stronger than I ever imagined, Joe showed me ways to prevent injury and to ease any aches and pains. I’m back into Rugby, fitter, stronger and sharper than ever. It’s all thanks to Joe. I highly recommend him for any fitness goal you might have.’

Mark Hewitt, Plymouth

“I have trained with Joe for the last seven months in preperation for my army selection. By following his specific strength and speed training programmes I have improved my fitness massivley. The training was varied, but most importantly it got results. I passed selection after having achieved a personal best in my 1.5 mile run. Not only did Joe help me with fitness but he also gave me advice on nutrition and recovering from injury. I would highly recommend Joe as a personal trainer if you are considering armed forces selection.”

Chris, Exeter

“I can recommend Joseph Canning as an excellent Personal Fitness Trainer. I am a 60 yr old Artist who joined the gym in late September 2011 realising that I was becoming unfit and was at least 2 and a half stone over weight. In the space of less than 5 months, with the aid of this excellent Coach, I have taken off 2 stone, and my fitness has soared much to do with Joseph’s skill and encouragement. I am now looking forward to further months of coaching by Joe to lose even more weight and increase my fitness, strength and agility, as well as my well being.”

Kevin Barry, Keyham, Plymouth

‘‘I started training with Joe at the start of November and since then, I have lost over 2 and a half stone. Joe is an excellent personal trainer and he always makes sure that my technique is perfect to make sure that im getting the most out of the exercise that im doing. Well worth the money and i would highly recommend using Joe to help you reach your fitness goals’‘

Jamie Rulton

‘‘I feel great! Thanks to Joe, I have altered the way I look and feel in just the past 10 weeks (sound a bit QVC, but it is true). Ok, I have to put the effort in, but without Joe, I know I would have given up at least 9 weeks ago. Joe is very professional, giving me a push when I need it, but just as importantly giving me a rest when I need. I find the banter nice and relaxed, which really helps. Having Asthma and being as unfit as male should be (beer and biscuits plus the odd curry), I really wanted someone who wasn’t a drill sergeant, but would work with me to achieve my goals. Each week the exercises are varied and Joe monitors my progress. I have had a good time getting fitter. Thanks Joe! David, 12 weeks and counting!’‘

David Austin

‘‘Before i signed up to the gym i found it hard to get motivated to do any exercise, when i was younger i was very active playing a lot of sport including – Tenpin Bowling, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Football, Rounder’s etc.. and i wanted to get back into shape and be fit again. When i singed up to joined the gym i knew i needed a personal trainer to motivate me and make working out in the gym fun. Joe is absolutely brilliant!! He makes working out fun and we always have a laugh. Joe motivates me and always pushes me to work to the best of my ability and when i want to give up cause i cant run no more Joe is always there to say ‘Kylie you can do it’ which really spurs me on to run that extra minute or 2. Each session I have had with Joe is always different and always a lot of fun!’‘

Kyile Wills – England Tenpin Bowling Team

Due to a job change I decided that I should get my butt in gear and try and get myself fit again. I started searching for a gym to train at and came across the advert for shift personal training. I decided to email and see what happened. A few days later I received a call from Joe where we decided I would book up some sessions.
The first session arrived during which I was put through a number of exercises and tests to assess my level of fitness and to also work out what my goals were.
After this the fun began. Good hard strength training sessions followed by a final thrashing, talk about a complete shock to the system. Each session was different I was being constantly challenged and then getting a beasting at the end of the workout. We also got out of the gym to train outdoors, never doing the same work out twice.
As the sessions went by I could feel my recovery times improving and my fitness was getting better.
I would totally recommend having Joe train you. Don’t be fooled by the smile and easy going manner, the man is an evil genius of pain, but He knows his stuff and will push and challenge you towards your goals. I had a lot of fun getting thrashed and hopefully sometime in the future will book some more sessions.

Mark – Serving Royal Marine

‘‘Like many people I used to visit the gym regularly but felt I wasn’t making the progress that I wanted. I was unsure about personal training, but after a free 30 min session with Joseph of Shift Personal Training I knew that Joe would be able to help me obtain my goals. I usually have 2 -3 sessions each week and over the last year I have increased my strength, stamina and flexibility. Joe always makes the sessions interesting and plans them around your goals and what you want to achieve. He pushes you hard and motivates you but always with respect and professionalism. His knowledge on all aspects of fitness and diet and his ability to mix your fitness programme up means you will never be bored. I achieve more in 1 hour with Joe then I would in 5 hours on my own! I really look forward to my PT sessions with Joe although he makes me work really hard it’s always good fun as well, and I always leave the gym with a sense of achievement. Highly recommend you give Joe a call and arrange that 1st PT session and soon all your fitness goals could come true as well!’‘

Chris Read

‘’ I came to Joe last year wanting to increase my muscle mass and weight. I had been training on my own for a long time without any real results. Last year I was 11 stone 6lbs and now having trained regularly with Joe I have hit the 14 stone mark. I have seen huge increases in my muscle mass and strength levels. I am well on my way to my target weight of 15 stone 7lbs and continue to see great results training with Joe. He is helping me achieve my goals and his motivation and sense of humor get me through tough training sessions. He focuses on the most productive exercises that get me results.’‘

Gabriel Caranis

‘‘Joe and the team at Shift Personal Training have taught the University of Plymouth’s Rowing Club a thing or two and have greatly advanced their strength and power tailed brilliantly to the specific sport. Sessions ranged from high intensity Tabata circuit training that pushed the guys beyond limits they thought they could never achieve resulting in exhaustion and deep pain but a feeling of great achievement and a twisted pleasure, to strength and conditioning training, that focuses on our individual techniques to make sure every single rower is carrying out the heavy lifting spot on and applying the power in the right places in a safe and controlled manor. Motivation always spreads through the session and the team really come together to push themselves to their best. The strength and explosive training have shown improvements in the rowers 2k ergo times but also their technique, posture, core strength and how they apply their power through the stroke. Thanks Shift Personal Training for some tough but brilliant sessions that have helped produce great results. May it continue in the following years.’‘

Josh Taylor – University of Plymouth Mens Rowing Captain

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