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Shift Personal training at London 2012

Mens 94kg Weightlifting Event

Speed, explosive power, focussed aggression, strength and determination.

You might think that I would have had to display all of these qualities to negotiate one of the busiest cities in the world in the midst of hosting the biggest sporting event on earth. However, such was the awesome organisation of the London 2012 Olympic Games that in 2 days of negotiating our great city my wife and I hardly even encountered a queue.

The competitors in the mens 94kg Weightlifting event did display all of the above qualities and more in a fantastic competition that saw the world record in the total (the combined weight lifted in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk) fall twice in successive lifts to the eventual winner Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan. The second of these world records was sealed with a world record clean and Jerk of 233kg (nearly 37 stone). See the video below of his record lift

Seeing athletes of this calibre competing live is something that can have a profound effect on people in their sporting and fitness endeavours! I have been addicted to the Olympics from the start and it is even more amazing having seen it live. If you want to improve your sports performance or if you have been inspired to get fit by the Olympics, then get in touch with me or google ‘shift personal training’!

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