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Glutes of Steel! Butt Training 101

In todays blog I want to introduce you to some new concepts and exercises for training the glutes. The glutes are KEY players in sports performance, structural integrity and efficiency of the core as well as injury prevention. Oh, and the majority of female gym members I speak to say amongst other things they want to ‘tone up’ their bum. So if you are interested in training and have a bum then read on!

The Glutes are Key to Athletic Performance

The below is an excerpt from an article by Strength and Conditioning Coach Bret Contreras which can be read in full here. The full article contains videos of how to perform some of the new exercises that Bret has developed for training your butt! Enjoy!

“Dispelling the Glute Myth
by Bret Contreras

In 1995, my cousin and training partner at the time bought me The Complete Book of Butt and Legs because, in his words, he’d “never met someone so obsessed with training his glutes.” I pored over that book, and since then I’ve read almost every study, article, and book ever written on the glutes. My bookshelf is loaded with glute and hip extension exercise material, including four extra-large three-ring binders full of glute articles and studies that have been printed and highlighted over the years. Whether the publication was geared toward bodybuilding, powerlifting, or sport-specific training, if it pertained to the glutes in any way, I read it.

In 2006, I opened up Lifts, a Scottsdale-based fitness studio that specialized in glute training. I developed several brand new glute exercises, which my clients and I believed were much more effective than what most people were doing for their glutes. Lifts quickly became known as the butt-perfecting gym in Scottsdale.

Glute Gauges

Early in 2009, I was trained by Noraxon to use their Myotrace 400 and Clinical Application Software, a system that measures and records the muscular activity of exercises via a process known as electromyography, or EMG. I’d long suspected that the methods and exercises I developed in my training studio were far more effective than what the typical fitness publications were printing, but after performing thirty straight leg workouts and experiments in my skivvies with wires and electrodes attached to me so I could measure and record the glute, quad, hamstring, and adductor activity of over a hundred different hip extension exercises, it became clear to me that the glutes are the most wrongly-pegged muscle group in fitness. I tested common and unique bodyweight, dumbbell, band, barbell, apparatus, and machine exercises, and then tested three other individuals with varying anthropometry or body segment lengths to make sure the results I saw weren’t atypical.

Knowing that the fitness population would seek scientific explanation to lend support to my data, I knew what my next step needed to be. Fourteen years after reading the book my cousin bought me on the glutes, I wrote my own glute-book entitled Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening. Within its 675 pages, you’ll find pictures and descriptions of over 200 glute exercises, many of which you’ve never seen or tried before, as well as over 700 references and links to other sources. The book dispels many myths surrounding the glutes, “functional training,” and “sport-specific training.” If you’re interested in glute training, this book is a must-read.

The Glute Guy

Recently, a colleague of mine nicknamed me “The Glute Guy,” and it stuck. I’m certain that I’ve done more research on the glutes than any other person on this planet. My research has made me realize two things.

First, the experts don’t know shit about the glutes. Yes, this means all of your favorite authors, professors, trainers, and coaches. Despite the fact that the gluteus maximus muscles are without a doubt the most important muscles in sports and the fact that strength coaches helped popularized “glute activation,” none of them have a good understanding of glute training. Neither do bodybuilders, powerlifters, or physical therapists. They all think they do, but they don’t. In fact, the experts are so far off the mark that their best glute exercises can only activate half as many fibers as the glute exercises I’m about to show you.

And second, athletes’ glutes are pathetically weak and underpotentialized. Even people who think they have strong glutes almost always have very weak glutes in comparison to how strong they can get through proper training.

The following plan will get your glutes much sexier, stronger, and speedier. Since everyone possesses varying ranges of glute strength, I’m going to provide four phases, which become progressively more challenging and difficult.

You must possess adequate hip flexor flexibility in order to open up the hips and maximally activate the glutes. Furthermore, you must be able to control your own bodyweight and learn how to contract the glutes properly before you begin adding weight.”

Remember guys you can read the rest of the article by clicking here. Whether you understand all of the technical terms or not don’t worry. You can’t put a price on teachability, so take what you can from this and give some of the Bret’s exercises a go.

It should be noted that you can do all of the glute exercises that you want but if your posterior is covered in a large layer of fat then you will not get the VISIBLE RESULTS that you want even if the strength and tone of the underlying muscle improves massively. If you have a specific area of your body that you want to strengthen, tone and improve then get in touch with me by clicking here and benefit from my expert advice and training skills. Shift Personal Training Plymouth offers training geared towards fat loss as well as diet advice to help accelerate the process. So for the optimal mix of specific strengthening, toning and fat loss exercises along with appropriate diet advice get in touch.

All the best, Joe Canning (owner – Shift Personal Training)



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