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Getting Myself 'Rugby Ready'

The first instalment of the ‘Joes Training’ section of my blog will be looking at the strength training programme that I have recently started.

The aim of this programme is to lay a foundation for a return to rugby playing in the new season. With that in mind I have put together a 3 session per week strength/power production programme focussing exclusively on whole body, compound movements which combines open and closed chain movements. In the sports strength and conditioning world the term ‘functional’ has slapped onto many exercises that appear quirky but often have little to do with how our bodies actually function when trying to produce optimal performance under extreme stress (see my blog article ‘Functional training – circus tricks, weirdness or genuine function?’ to follow soon). The key game changer in rugby is power ie the product of speed and strength. The underlying foundation of this power is max strength. Therefore I will be performing exercises that have both a high power production and a high strength component.
The three sessions are as follows:
Hang Power Snatch into Overhead Squat
Push Press/Push Jerk
Hang Clean
Military Press
Back Squat
Barbell Walking Lunge
Dumbell Hang Power Snatch
Dumbell Bench Press
Dumbell Bench Row
Bulgarian Split Squat

For more knowledge about the exercises listed above or to have a chat about taking your sports performance to the next level get in touch here

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